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Stay In Touch

2012-02-26 13:11:12 by ThisIsAnEmergency

Starting the music thing up again, gonna be posting beats and some raps or whatever.

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Stay In Touch


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2012-02-28 13:19:03

no one cares only your 1 fan does, we have 10,000 downloads just in 1 year, so keep talkin ish bro, make a track if you want about us... i guarentee will have 1 for you with more downloads and well probably end up freestyling ours 2, ur junk broo ur rap is an emergency and it need proper fixing

ThisIsAnEmergency responds:

Who are you again?


2012-05-31 00:42:59

Lol, fuckin Lil C bragging about his download count again. I guarantee that bitch just downloaded his own shit 10,000 times. He released a datpiff mixtape a while back that has like 3 downloads. This guy is hilariously terrible.

ThisIsAnEmergency responds:

With each song, you automatically get like 10 random downloads, and "Lil C" releases 10,000 garbage songs a year so it isn't too hard for me to believe that download count, still doesn't make him good. I mean, Lil Wayne's went Gold plenty of times and he still sucks.


2012-05-31 01:06:48

Nevermind. I just found proof that fucker downloads his own shit. Fucking pathetic.


157 downloads- ZERO comments... Fucking Lawl.

ThisIsAnEmergency responds:

"Lil C" is Big Garbage.


2015-04-26 13:17:16