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Shipping Yard Shipping Yard

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Work on the controls a little better for your next one.

Santa Quest Santa Quest

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good start

I liked the many different songs used in this. The game idea also seems fun.

Please go back and extend this to make it perfect!

You need to just extend it, add a little bit more to it other than just candy canes and rockets shooting at you in a room for hours til you die.

You need to add levels, maybe hes searching the house or something. Add a good story line, you know? Like I don't know.. the elves are turning against him and he's gotta defeat all the elves to get christmas back? Something simple like that would work real well.

This is a really fun start! I did love it, but its so unfinished, it isn't even halfway there man, go back and finish this. Spend more than two days on it, haha.

-Review Request Club

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Super Brick Duel Super Brick Duel

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Well, lets start by saying the only originality in this piece is the powerups. It's just Pong and Brick Breaker combined, which has been done before.

The gameplay, isn't that great either. It definitely does need to be a bit more responsive.

I really loved the powerups idea, but them just coming down the screen like that? Come on! You could've thought up something better than that.

Honestly, I feel like you were in a rush to release this and didn't really weed out all the kinks before you did.

Ahh, the music, very nice sound. Could have added a mute button though. That would've been cool. I always liked the ideas of adding a few songs the player could choose from.

This is definitely something a person would do for the first view, but I don't see many people constantly coming back for this.

-Review Request Club

JPB responds:

I made the originall version (non-super brick duel) quickly, and when I decided to make a new one, I didnt consider going back to the drawing board, I added new stuff, but left what was already there that way, first full game I made, hopefully learning for future games and a lot of other shit where that applies to here. Also, there was a mute button (music on/off; below the scoreboard)

Thanks for the review!

Sex Kitten: Prison Break Sex Kitten: Prison Break

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I agree with Coop, this is definitely a poor piece. Not a lot was with it.. kind of lame to be honest.

This needs so much more work, the damages are random, the scenarios and scenes are just plain dumb at times. I mean its a good start, but you could definitely do better.

Also, the Iron Maiden song definitely did NOT belong here. Completely off-base with that one.

The drawing also seems to be done poorly.

I mean, this was entertaining for a little while, but just got old real quick.

-Review Request Club

~Strange Thoughts~ ~Strange Thoughts~

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Definitely strange..

I loved the art, different colors and the idea of the game a lot. The definition into it was surprisingly great for a flash. I can't say much about that other than great job! The intro was very well done too. The character changing a lot really made me want to try harder and got me quite addicted to the game, no matter how hard the controls seemed to be..

Unfortunately, I couldn't. The minute my character started falling even a little, no matter what I did with W or UP wouldn't bring him up.. at all. That was kind of ridiculous. I made it as far as the Eyeball, because I managed to stay at the exact top of the screen long enough to do so. This is based mainly on luck and hardly any timing/skill is involved in this..

Most people won't give this but about 3 or 4 tries and never figure out that in order to go anywhere with it is by constantly tapping W and only going down a very teeny tiny little bit at a time.. and even when you do that, its still ridiculously hard.

I'm also not sure about the development of the game throughout because of this problem, so I guess I'll have to speak solely out of my big ole' booty here. But, I would have added either difficulty settings, or levels. You could also probably add unlockables such as after a certain amount of points, you are able to burst through monsters or something, and then maybe you can use your right and left arrows. I don't know, just a thought.

Also, the monsters just kind of did a diagonal thing over and over, while occasionally moving different starting spots. You probably should've made the monsters a little smaller, and had them do more than just a diagonal thing all the time. Switch it up a little.

The character also seemed to barely touch something bad and lose health, and the pads... sometimes they made sobriety go down, sometimes they made health go down.. sometimes both? That was a tad confusing to me.. maybe its just me though.

The music used in this was a delight to the ear. I must compliment that the most. It seemed to loop almost perfectly, as well as fit in with the game perfectly. It was also mastered very well, and the instruments used in it were very enjoyable. I would've probably raised the bass up just a tad, but other than that, I can't notice many flaws with it.

I can see by reading the other reviews and the author comments that this was a submission, meaning it was a timed project. I took that into little consider in my rating. Given, I don't know much about how hard it is to create a flash after you start understanding the process of it better than I do, but I feel if I take that into huge consideration and bump this rating up, then that creates an excuse. I don't like to give out an excuse as I want to encourage you to try as hard as you can and constantly improve on how you do these things. I'd rather be a jerk and live by no excuses than be nice, but that's just me.

If you can/are aloud to..? then you should definitely fix some of these problems (at least the control problem) and re-post or edit because this is definitely something I would love to play! I also think this type of ideal should be executed as well as possible and not just stopped because its already been submitted.

-Review Request Club

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Flying Barry... Flying Barry...

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I liked it for the most part.

I usually do enjoy games like these, it isn't a very original idea, but its always a good one!
I enjoyed the graphics very much and the preloader/"excuses" gave me a good laugh, so I probably wouldn't remove that.

Thinks I would try to improve on with this? In my opinion, you should try to master the sounds/music better because it does seem a tad low and unmastered. I would also make everything smaller, and the screen bigger, along with trying to make the controls not so "loose". I couldn't really do much at first with the controls being as easy as they are with such a small screen.

Also, in the end of it, the screen just turned black. I don't think many people who will wanna play again will just assume to click and it'll start over. You should probably add a "Play Again" button at the end of it all.

I enjoyed the sounds used (but the wind seemed way too high), and I loved the laugh at the end of it all.

The magic pill, I'm not sure what the point of stopping time is? I would make it so the magic pill slows down time and gives the gamer about 6-10 seconds or so of slow-and-easy broccoli eating!

I actually did enjoy the game! Please don't take my 5 rating harshly as a lot of others do.


ArtyomL responds:

Umm, the screen doesn't turn black at the end for me, there's leaderboard... Sorry, but I have no idea why that happens...
Thanks for the review anyway!
(And at least someone got the preloader joke)