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DANCE baby! DANCE baby!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


Doesn't anybody read the NG rules?

This is breaking them.

You aren't aloud to use "Phineas & Ferb" in your Flash.

Go back, read the rules, try again.

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The Movie Movie The Movie Movie

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ha. Zuchini!

Ok, I'll start off with the basics of this. This isn't flash animation. I think we've already established that in the last 7 reviews. Moving on..

It needs a Pause and a Restart button, instead of just going to black at the end.

The sound quality, as in the constant white noise and the popping of the microphone/camera, really takes me away from the movie. The actual video quality isn't all that great either.

The jokes in this, weren't all that original, but they did give me a laugh and they were pretty funny. The main problem with this, is the acting. It was ok at best. I'm not a movie critic or nothing, but I really wasn't believing it. If the acting had been better, the jokes would have hit a lot harder. Even the storytelling part of the video during the actual in-movie wasn't as great, you need to work on timing your pauses and such when you do something like this.

Voltage gave a very great suggestion with the seperate audio idea. That's something I would emphasize for you in your future projects that are going to be posted on New Grounds.

This movie has tons of potential as do you.

-Review Request Club

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Fro responds:

"Ok, I'll start off with the basics of this. This isn't flash animation. I think we've already established that in the last 7 reviews. Moving on.."

Finally lol

Pause and Restart - Thanks, will add this on future episodes!
Sound quality - I think I know how to fix this now!
Video quality - Not possible to fix in flash :(

Ah, the acting isn't suppose to be amazing. We didn't plan any of this. We just turned the camera on and started talking to each other. We actually weren't acting, we were having a real conversation that we planned on turning into a movie. You can't really say it's bad acting when it's EXACTLY how we act in real life. :P

Thanks, I'm happy you thought it was funny!

Wales and Gary Wales and Gary

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Very short and simple. That is a good and a bad thing. I usually like when an animation is short and to the point. Simple animations are also sometimes good. This, however, wasn't as entertaining as could have been. I'll tell you why.

The story/line ideas used in this have been done to death. I feel like I've seen these almost exact lines over and over in different comedy animations. They were funny, but after seeing them so much, they just didn't give me as much of a laugh as they should have. Originality is what this lacks.

The ending lines were probably the funniest and the best part of this as a whole. With that being said, of course, it seemed to end pretty abruptly.. you should have added a few more lines to it and made the ending a little better.

I love how this seems to be a completely random piece of work. I've always been a fan of the random and funny flashes.

I also enjoyed the art in this, the characters, how you drew them, and the outline of each. I really loved the animation overall. It was done very well for a flash animation.

I'd like for you to continue doing animation shorts such as these.

-Review Request Club

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Shipping Yard Shipping Yard

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Work on the controls a little better for your next one.

Santa Quest Santa Quest

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good start

I liked the many different songs used in this. The game idea also seems fun.

Please go back and extend this to make it perfect!

You need to just extend it, add a little bit more to it other than just candy canes and rockets shooting at you in a room for hours til you die.

You need to add levels, maybe hes searching the house or something. Add a good story line, you know? Like I don't know.. the elves are turning against him and he's gotta defeat all the elves to get christmas back? Something simple like that would work real well.

This is a really fun start! I did love it, but its so unfinished, it isn't even halfway there man, go back and finish this. Spend more than two days on it, haha.

-Review Request Club

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Super Brick Duel Super Brick Duel

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Well, lets start by saying the only originality in this piece is the powerups. It's just Pong and Brick Breaker combined, which has been done before.

The gameplay, isn't that great either. It definitely does need to be a bit more responsive.

I really loved the powerups idea, but them just coming down the screen like that? Come on! You could've thought up something better than that.

Honestly, I feel like you were in a rush to release this and didn't really weed out all the kinks before you did.

Ahh, the music, very nice sound. Could have added a mute button though. That would've been cool. I always liked the ideas of adding a few songs the player could choose from.

This is definitely something a person would do for the first view, but I don't see many people constantly coming back for this.

-Review Request Club

JPB responds:

I made the originall version (non-super brick duel) quickly, and when I decided to make a new one, I didnt consider going back to the drawing board, I added new stuff, but left what was already there that way, first full game I made, hopefully learning for future games and a lot of other shit where that applies to here. Also, there was a mute button (music on/off; below the scoreboard)

Thanks for the review!

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CLAB - Suddle vs Senator CLAB - Suddle vs Senator

Rated 5 / 5 stars

FLeX is cool, but hes giving way too much power into flow in my opinion. SJD didn't kill Sudle either, unlike all the other voters said. Suddle's second verse severely overpowered anything SJD had to say as far as delivery, flow, and raw emotion. It also included some funny lines. Fact is though, SJD came hard with the punches, it was like a machine gun, constantly shooting. The battle was closer than you all think, but not nearly close enough to think SJD might have lost. SJD clearly was the better battle rapper here. MY vote--SJD

ELEMENO Intro Section ELEMENO Intro Section

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This needs a pick-up.

PinkScissorsMedia responds:


Reach for the Mic Reach for the Mic

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hit you with some honesty.

glitchs2d responds:

Lmao thanks bro I need some honesty every now and then.

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CLABTRAP Competion 2012 CLABTRAP Competion 2012

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Diggin it bro.

MickeyMao responds:

thanks qsik

neworldisorder neworldisorder

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Loved it!

Just one thing..

The guy's left hand looks like its thriving in pain, while his facial expression almost looks as if hes already dead. You should probably either close his eyes and lay the hand down to make him look dead, or do something like staple his mouth shut but have his eyes drawn huge to show the amount of pain he is in.

Other than that, this was an absolute perfect piece.

Amazing job!


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LiftYourSkinnyFists responds:

Your totally right about that. I never think of things like that! Thanks alot!

Timmy The Psychopath Timmy The Psychopath

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Seems a tad simple/elementary for the art portal to me.

I got the concept and enjoyed it actually. The many different colors used in this really brought it all together. The crudeness of it, made it stand-out a lot more in a good way.

However, none of it seemed to be detailed to well, and the items used in this to make the creation are all items you can find in Paint. The background also did not seem to be detailed very well at all. Try researching Internet Painting/Flash and practice it a little more, add more detail and such. Or you could always find real-life stencils and do an actual painting in itself.

This belongs in a Flash more than it should just be a simple picture.

-Review Request Club

MisterTig responds:

Thnakyou. Your help is appreciated. Thanks for reviewing.